Ever heard the phrase?  “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” This very much applies to Point of Sale systems there is no such thing as a free Point of Sale systems. Many systems offer little or no upfront costs but either tie you to a monthly forever subscription that you can end up paying way more in the long run and or they tie you to only choice is signing with their merchant services. These merchant services usually promise low rates and fees but in fine print of the contract they have variable rates and surcharges that sooner rather than later go up and they usually have no small fee if you decide to terminate their contracts. Read the fine print.

Many selling these systems come offer little support after the sale referring you to phone number to a call center over seas with people reading from flow charts. The experience can be very frustration to say the least.

All most all subscription based products are cloud based.  Meaning if your Internet service is disrupted so is your Point of Sale system and other side effects are very slow report generation. The speed of your Internet can also effect the performance of your system.


Don't get stuck in the Cloud

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