FasTAB Version 8 Just Released  with Washington and Alaska Variants

Version 8 New Features

Multi Select Dispensers on Transactions.

Days in Play Report - Know what games move the fastest.

Management can adjust the amount at which a winning slip is triggered.

New more organized Dashboard Menu

All Forms have updated buttons fonts and Interfaces throughout all FasTAB

New user selectable Background Themes formerly called Skins.

Quickly select all Date and Date Range reports by a Calendar Picker.

All New Player Tracking and Loyalty Points Tracking and use maybe be optionally enabled or disabled.

Print out any past Ring Check Report.

All new Last Weigh Report in addition to the previous Weigh Log Report

Pull Tab Receipts Report- Shows total Sales, Payout, Merchandise and Net for each day by Date Range.

Updated algorithms for Audit Helper to more precisely help you when your games go wrong

FasTAB Information

FasTAB Version 8 Pull Tab Point of Sale

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Power and Ease-of-Use

Simple and most Intuitive User Interface in the Industry fewer button steps than the competition Visual Tutorials Train you and your Employees

Log in by Pin Number, Swipe Card or Biometrics

Know at any time net sales of a game instantly

Notification when a game has reached its defined net sales (A.K.A. pull target)

Prints winning slip for winners over a defined dollar amount

Optional Oasis Food and Beverage P.O.S. integration

Powerful Reporting and Features

Many Reports Including Daily Reports, Games, Tracking Games, Profit and loss Reports,  Inventory, Invoices, and for Washington State the monthly summary

Profit Analysis know what games by price, tier, and name are the most and least profitable

Inventory tracking

Audit helper tool helps analyze what may be the root cause of  with a particular games over/shortage

Editing Tools to correct entry mistakes

Optional direct cable scale interface
Weigh log that can be used to log game weights through the day to track a game to find a particular server making mistakes or skimming tickets

Built Solid and Reliable

Built on Windows and Microsoft SQL Server

No Installations too Small or Large no limitations

Automatic Daily data backup

High resolution graphical interface

Solid Reliable Open non-proprietary hardware

1 year Warranty Including 24/7 On-Site Service

Extended Warranty Coverage available

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