Fast Invoice For Pull Tab Distributors


Fast Invoice has Two versions Truck and Warehouse version but either can be used for either application Truck or Warehouse.  Warehouse version Tracks pre-sale inventory by Form Number and Qty on hand and the Truck version tracks all games pre-sale are in inventory by State ID.  Major Difference is Warehouse Items are added to invoice by scanning the Form Number first then State ID. Truck Version only State Id is first and only scanned.  With either version used as Warehouse version you can create Invoice file for transferring and downloading into the Sales Person’s Truck Version.


Inventory Tracking

Reports can all be accessed by Date Range, Date, Quarter, and Year as options

 Import Inventory and game info from manufacturers

 Adjustable Print of up to 6 Invoice Copies at once.

 Invoice print on Laser or Led.

Prints State ID Barcode on Invoices

Create all known  Ascii file import formats for Customer Pull Tab Point of Sale

Custom development for enhancements for a task or specific feature welcome

SQL Server based for reliability.

 Automatic daily backup

Fast Invoice was designed and developed in close coordination with several Pull Distributors in Washington State.  Before Fast Invoice there was no commercial option most systems were home brewed or limited one off applications developed specifically for that Distributor.


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