Remote Manager is a software package that comes with the optional back of house computer it adds functionality for management and accounting to access features and reports by the click of a mouse.  Any Oasis or FasTAB system does not require a back office package and any Oasis or FasTAB stand alone without a back office does not require a keyboard or a mouse to access reports, menu programming etc which is unlike most competing systems that tie a keyboard to management duties.  Remote Manager adds some bonus features to your Oasis system including the following Inventory, Labor Reports more robust upgrade of basic clocks report, Labor Analysis, Calendar Reports, Employee Phone list, Menu Item Price printouts, Editing and Adding Drink Recipes, Employee Messaging, and set Reminders.

Central Remote is a version of Remote manager you can access from any Windows 7 , 8 or 10 computer from anywhere in the world. Navigate a list of multiple locations great for corporate locations.

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